The Eight Cooks Who Saved My Life

Here are snapshots of the women in Spoon Fed and links to the original articles I wrote about them.


Marcella Hazan

Born: Cesenatico, Italy, 1924

Most Famous For: Teaching America how to cook real Italian food back when most people only knew the kind of Americanized cuisine served on red-checkered tablecloths in restaurants that used straw-covered Chianti bottles as candleholders. She and her husband, Victor, have written seven books, six of which were cookbooks. 

The First Time I Saw Her: Sitting on a chair in her living room in Longboat Key, Florida.

Greatest Contribution to Food: Introducing good pasta, and all that comes with it, to America.

The Lesson: Let go of expectations and you’ll be a lot happier.

The Story That Inspired the Chapter: